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Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks

The vast majority of new-build houses in the 1960s and 1970s had one thing in common – Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks.

They were used to create divisions in a garden or between houses, but with space in-between to let the light come through. Many have been ditched over the years as concrete was removed as people "modernised". But now they’re seen as a feature of that era – and actually quite sought after, especially as no-one seems to make them anymore.

Well, actually, there is one company – Stowell Concrete. They’re still making the classic Petal Leaf design, with blocks retailing from £3.50 each. If your house dates from the era and you want to add an original feature, this is a cheap one. if you live in a country cottage, you might want to given them a miss.

Find out more at the Stowell Concrete website