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Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks at Stowell Concrete

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Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks
Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks

The vast majority of new-build houses in the 1960s and 1970s had one thing in common – Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks, which you can get at Stowell Concrete.

They were used to create divisions in a garden or between houses, but with space in-between to let the light come through. It was a functional item for a garden or garden wall, but one that added a level of interest to what could be a rather dull space.

Many have been ditched over the years as concrete was removed as people ‘modernised’ their homes. But let’s be honest, a wooden fence doesn’t last long and doesn’t look half as interesting as wall of these Petal Leaf concrete blocks.

But now they’re seen as a feature of that era – and actually quite sought after, especially as few people seem to make them anymore.

But as I said, Stowell Concrete do still make the Petal Leaf design, with blocks retailing from £3.50 each. If your house dates from the era and you want to add an original feature back to the garden, this is a relatively cheap one. if you live in a country cottage, you might want to given them a miss. Alternatively, if you like the idea of adding in a retro touch to a house of that era, this is definitely a good one.

Find out more at the Stowell Concrete website

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Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks
Petal Leaf concrete wall blocks

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  1. You just saved my life Dave. We have these walls all around the gardens and have been trying everywhere to get these to extend some to make them child safe.
    For the amount it cost us you should get a commission

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