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Tretchikoff Chinese Girl print returns

Tretchikoff A few years back, you couldn’t give a Tretchikoff Chinese Girl print away. They were in every junk shop you entered, a product of it being the bestselling print of all time – hanging on the walls of every other house in the 60s and early 70s.

But tastes changed and the Chinese Girl was ditched by just about everyone as the 70s came to a close. But it didn’t go for good – collectors have been snapping them up over the last few years as the market for this kitsch classic grew. And with supply drying up, it’s no surprise to see Vladamir Tretchikoff’s most famous work go back into production.

It’s available exclusively through Four Blank Walls, which has a license to reproduce this image onto either Canvas Wallhangings or Perspex Wall Mounts. Prices start at £105 – somewhat more than we paid for ours, but I’m guessing the new ones will not have the same tobacco stains as our 60s cast-off.

Find out more at the Four Blank Walls website