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Volkswagen Camper Van set to return as VW Bulli


The classic Volkswagen Camper Van is set to return – but not quite the same as you remember it.

The new vehicle will be called the Bulli and is intended as a cleaner and safer modern-day take on the Camper Van, with retro looks and a more simplistic interior to keep costs down. Bizarrely, the person pushing the project along is The Who’s Pete Townshend, a big fan of the original – and indeed still housing an original in his garage. Seems he’s been bending the ear of VW execs – and they’re listening.

The picture above is an artist’s impression of the new vehicle. Whether we see it will depend on the money men – unless they can sell at least 100,000 examples of the Bulli worldwide every year, the vehicle will stay on the drawing board.

Volkswagen website

Via Auto Express