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“Will Patrons Kindly Refrain…” Poster

Swatch_225_sw_imageNo Bombing. No Ducking. No Petting. These warnings should all be familiar to anyone who went to a public swimming pool in the UK in the 1970s/1980s where the ‘Will Patrons Kindly Refrain…’ poster represented the ultimate guide to pool etiquette.

Pedlars has acquired some of these iconic posters from a limited print run. They are being sold framed for approximately £90. The Pedlars site insists the poster should ‘Not to be Used as a Pool Safety Aid’, but I don’t see why not as it still offers sound advice. It could perhaps be hung in the bathroom where the same rules apply.

If the poster wouldn’t go with your décor, it is also available as a tea towel for £9.50.