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Notebooks recycled from vintage Ladybird books

We have featured Ladybird books in the past – great examples of vintage design that you will regularly find in old bookshops. And if you like them, but don’t really need an old school reference book cluttering up the house, how about these notebooks recycled from vintage Ladybird books?

They’re available now from Etsy, each featuring a cover from an original Ladybird book, as well as some of the super-cool illustrations from the original book too. The books have been re-bound with double-o metal ring and now feature over 100 sides of white-lined notebook paper for your notes and jotting.

Not bad value either at $17.50, which is around £9.

Find out more at the Stupid Gorgeous Etsy site

  • I have 2 of these – they’re gorgeous!

  • Thanks very much for the link. I’m a big fan of the blog so I’m dead chuffed.
    I can custom make notebooks and I’m happy to search out ladybirds on any topic to try and find a good book for anyone 🙂