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Cult 1970s Roobarb and Custard cartoon becomes book series


To be honest, I could have sworn Roobarb and Custard was originally a book, but apparently that wasn't the case. So the forthcoming book series of Roobarb and Custard by Mogzilla is a rather interesting first.

According to Mogzilla, the original scripts have been adapted into a series of colourful books, 32 pages for each one of When Custard was Grounded, When Roobarb found the Hieroglyphics and When there was a Pottery Party.

Which means they're ideal for kids, as well as the big kids who remember the Grange Caveley characters, or indeed, the Cadbury Roobarb and Custard chocolate bar, first time round. Heading your way in March 2010, each one will retail for £5.99.

Find out more at the Mogzilla website