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Everyday design classic: Orangina glass bottle by Jean-Claude Beton

Earlier, we mentioned that you usually have to pay a hefty price for a design classic, but that’s not always the case. Indeed, we’re going to kick off a new series of everyday design classics with one that should cost you under £1.

The Orangina glass bottle has been around since 1951, an iconic design by Jean-Claude Beton to visually represent an orange, complete with that pebbly texture, reminiscent of the orange’s peel. It became as famous as the drink, yet amazingly, the bottle was eventually phased out in the UK for more supermarket-friendly packaging.

But now it’s back in the original 250ml glass bulby bottle to the UK – and should now have filtered onto the supermarket shelves. It’s priced at 95p for a single bottle, with a four-pack selling for £2.19. Is there a cheaper design classic? Let us know.

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