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Everyday design classic: Orangina glass bottle by Jean-Claude Beton

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Earlier, we mentioned that you usually have to pay a hefty price for a design classic, but that’s not always the case. Indeed, we’re going to kick off a new series of everyday design classics with one that should cost you under £1.

The Orangina glass bottle has been around since 1951, an iconic design by Jean-Claude Beton to visually represent an orange, complete with that pebbly texture, reminiscent of the orange’s peel. It became as famous as the drink, yet amazingly, the bottle was eventually phased out in the UK for more supermarket-friendly packaging.

But now it’s back in the original 250ml glass bulby bottle to the UK – and should now have filtered onto the supermarket shelves. It’s priced at 95p for a single bottle, with a four-pack selling for £2.19. Is there a cheaper design classic? Let us know.

Orangina website

4 thoughts on “Everyday design classic: Orangina glass bottle by Jean-Claude Beton

  1. mmm i agree love the design great classic, but surely the classic glass bottle has always been available in the UK, bit of an orangina addict meself and i’ve always been able to buy it in holand and barrat in it’s classic bottle.

  2. Apparently not – there’s been different sizes and designs, but the original 250ml glass bottle hasn’t been in the UK for a while – got reissued in May.

  3. can’t say i noted the bottle size but i’d swear it was the same 250ml bottle …….. identical to the one shown.
    they sell it in original and ruby orange, the difference must be miniscule…….?
    same modern label the lot. can’t say i’d seen it for sale anywhere else in the glass bottle ….. just holland and barratt ….. weird.

  4. hey, does anyone know where I can buy some of these? Been looking all over and can only seem to get some in huge bulk buys…!
    ANy help would be fab! Thanks

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