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Mini Clubman Vinyl Killer record player


We’ve seen VW Beetle variations before, but now you can get your hands on a Mini Clubman Vinyl Killer.

Officially licensed by BMW, the Vinyl Killer allows you to play your records without the need for a record deck – the needle in the car coasting along the grooves, knocking out the music via the built-in speaker and amplifier.

The name ‘Vinyl Killer’ is no accident – I wouldn’t use this for on your super rare LPs, but for novelty playback of your charity shop finds, it should do just fine. 33rpm only, it retails for £55.

Find out more at the Paul Smith website

  • Anne Kehlhofer

    Heya! Was wondering where can you get these Clubman Vinyl Killer from? Was thinking to buy it for my boyfriend.
    Thx! x

  • jody diaz

    how do i bye one or were no more reading about it just tell me how and wear.
    email. me. at [email protected] and how much so cool things i never saw before.. wooo.. love it..