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Fiat 500 Tender Two electric beach buggy


Spend your life near the beach? Well, the Fiat 500 Tender Two could be for you.

It’s a variation on the new Fiat 500 by Italian car design firm Castagna and based on the original Fiat beach buggy – the Fiat 500 Jolly. This version removes the doors, tailgate and roof, with the side sills raised and reinforced, a canvas roof used (should you get a shower in your beach paradise) and the interior and cargo bay finished in teak with wicker and blue upholstery.

Oh yes – and it’s been converted into a nippy electric vehicle, capable of clocking up 80mph and with a range of 86 miles between charges. No specific price, as each one is made individually, drop the company a line should you ever find yourself in the sun and in the money.

Find out more at the Castagna website

  • check123
    Check out these videos of electric cars. There is also really good information on the Kentucky electric car plant

  • Yes, not built by Fiat so will everyone stop riging me at Fiat and asking how much and delivery time. On a good note, the car looks good and would do well if the price was less then a honda or toyota hybrid. $30,000 AUD Maximum