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1970s Trimphone returns at Colloco


A relic of a bygone era will return in a slightly adapted form very soon – the 1970s Trimphone.

It's being brought back at Colloco, offering much the same in design as you probably remember from growing up, including that geometric design, the handset resting across the top of the phone and as a nice finishing touch, the centre disc for your phone number and the number of the emergency services.

This being 2009, the dial has gone, replaced with push button controls that look like a dial from a distance. After all, what would you do without that hash key? They will be available in purple, green, pink, white, turquoise and red from August, priced at £38.95 each. See over for another of the colour options.

Colloco website


  • North Facing

    Has it still got that purp purp ring tone?
    Of which I can still do a damn fine impersonation..!