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Adidas 1970s Trimm-Trab trainers reissued


Not an obvious reissue, but the return of the Adidas Trimm-Trab will certainly get a few cheers.

Originally produced in 1977 as a fitness shoe (the name translates to 'keep yourself fit'), its no-nonsense shape made it a hit with the early casuals and that same shape should still clock up a few sales as we enter 2010.

Two interesting suede-based colourways (you can see the bold blue and red over the page), both with trademark indented sole, leather detailing and Ghilly lacing. £54.99 secures you a pair.

Find out more at the Size website


  • Jonas Fänge

    Anyone have a clue if they are on the market or not??
    Can’t find them anywhere,
    neither Online or shops worldwide… 🙁