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Mondrian coffee table set at Made


No need to tell you why this Mondrian coffee table set at Made is so named.

But we will anyway, The idea is, presumably, to create a suite of tables that mimic the artwork of Piet Mondrian in the 1920s. Not a new idea, we featured a similar concept at Liberty last year, but it's still very well done and a nice ways to add some practical modernism to your home for not a lot of cash.

The set includes a large coffee table and two nesting tables, which can be tucked away when not in use, all of which are made from metal – the surfaces with that coloured powder coating.

The full price is £330, but as ever, you can get them cheap if you order before the Made deadline. £99 is that discounted price if ordered in the next seven days. Also in the range are coloured tray tables, which retail for £35 each.

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