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eBay watch: Limited edition 1970s Volkswagen Karmann Mobil camper van

Thanks to Daz on Twitter for letting us know about this limited edition 1970s Volkswagen Karmann Mobil camper van on eBay. But do check the bank balance before you bid.

The seller claims this is ‘one of rarest buses on the planet’, with just 1,000 of these produced in 1977 by Wilhelm Karmann, with possibly only four left in the UK.

The seller has renovated this particular model, stripping it back to metal, respraying and rebuilding the interior, at a coat of at least £22,000. In addition, it now has a water-cooled Subaru 2.5 litre engine fitted at a cost of £6.5K. Much more too, so do check the listing for all the work and indeed, the breakdown of all the fittings inside, which really do add up to a home from home.

Since the renovation, the van has covered just 800 miles, so condition is pretty much as you would expect. If all of that appeals, the seller is reluctantly parting with the Karmann Mobil, but certainly not cheaply.

You can make an offer, but the headline price is £45,000.

Find out more at the eBay website