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Newgate The Bubble II retro alarm clock

If the name sounds familiar it is perhaps because there was a first generation Bubble seven or so years back. Now there is a new one, going by the name of the Newgate The Bubble II alarm clock.

Not a huge difference, but a significant one for sure. It’s all about the face. The new Bubble keeps the red plastic casing and the ‘bubble’ frontage, but changes the digits radically, as well as the hands, which change colour and shape (a little).

The controls are on the back, with a twist of the knobs setting the time and the alarm, with an alarm on/off switch also found there.

Great for the bedside, but also good for any 1960s—inspired setting, from the living room to the office. £25 is the price.

Find out more at the Paperchase website


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