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Retro Rooms: Dan and Lisa in Hartlepool


Many apologies to our Retro Rooms people here, Dan and Lisa in Hartlepool. I actually 'found' this email whilst trying to sort out the ever-bulging RTG inbox. It was sent over in the first half of last year, so again, apologies if it looks like we ignored it - we are always glad to see Retro Rooms snaps.

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Retro Rooms: Davide and Cristiana in Turin, Italy


The description is fairly short and sweet, but this is the Retro Rooms offering from Davide and Cristiana in Turin, Italy.

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Retro Rooms: Stian Nybru in Oslo, Norway


We've had a couple of Retro Rooms submissions in of late, so we're kicking things off once more with this midcentury-inspired offering from Stian Nybru in Oslo, Norway.

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Retro Rooms: Zoe Worsley in Beckenham, Kent


We've not done one of these for a long time, perhaps because we stopped asking you to send in your Retro Rooms. Do feel free to send us snaps if your retro-inspired rooms or houses (and some details about them), just like Zoe Worsley in Beckenham.

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Retro Rooms: Laur & Didi Catinas in Cluj-Napoca, Romania


We are always pleased to hear of people from around the world enjoying our site and even more so when you send us photos for a Retro Rooms feature. Like Laur & Didi Catinas in Cluj-Napoca, which you'll find in Romania.

Laur & Didi are obviously fans of the 1970s going by the living room above, not least with the bold feature wallpaper. But check out over the page for a quirky bedroom and something more classic when it comes to the bathroom. Good work.

Thanks to Laur & Didi and if you want to send us photos, please do. And if you already have, we're working through them now, so expect the photos to be online very soon.

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