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Skate Study House limited edition Launch of the Cool mid-century range

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We have featured Skate Study House previously, a company that mixes a love of skateboarding with a love of Eames and related mid-century design. The result? Handmade Eames-style classics made from skateboard parts, like the Launch of the Cool collection.

This is the affordable range from Skate Study House (compared to the Lounge Chair, which retailed for well in excess of £2,000), three design gems available for a combined price of $300. The products are the Astro Clock, a take on the 1948 George Nelson Ball Clock, the Hang Up (a take on the Eames' 1953 Hang It All) and the Nova Lamp, a take on…well, we're not sure on this one, can you spot what it takes off?

All are made to order, using recycled decks and parts plus some custom bits and pieces, guaranteeing you something unique in your home. If you don't want all of them, individual prices are $100 for the Astro, $100 for the Hang Up and $150 for the lamp. We suspect they'll not be around for long, so move quickly if you want them. And check out an image of the Hang Up over the page.

Find out more at the Skate Study House website


One thought on “Skate Study House limited edition Launch of the Cool mid-century range

  1. This has to be the dumbest *%#@ing thing I’ve seen in a long time. Basically they tried to copy iconic Eames/Noguchi etc pieces by replicating with skateboard parts. Wow. Could you get anymore idiotic?
    The original designers spent many hours perfecting the proper proportions for their pieces. All of that DESIGN is lost with these pointless excursions. Original elegant designs have been turned into tacky eyesores for juvenile nouveau-riche dot-bombers with more money than taste.

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