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Pluto Sunburst clock

has something unique with the design of its Sunburst clock – it has left it exactly the same as it was.

Yes, there’s not a modern update in site – it’s exactly like the one you might remember from an aunt’s house in the 1970s. Which means a choice of dark or light wood ‘rays’, brass-effect dial and period digits.

All powered by an AA battery, you can pick one up for £55.

Find out more at the Colloco website

One thought on “Pluto Sunburst clock

  1. I have searched the internet for the pluto sunburst clock- dark wood, with much difficutly. The one I admire is only offered on UK sites. Technical difficulties have prevented ordering. Is it possible for me to order through a site I couldn’t locate? Or, through one who would possibly make an exception although they have not listed the USA as a shipping area. I am in California.
    Please, someone help. I would very much like to have that particular clock. Thank you.
    [email protected]

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