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Daihatsu Trevis – the old Mini returns

Still pining for the old Mini? Or just refusing to pay the hefty price tag of BMW’s new models? Well, you’ll soon be able to pick up a new car that seems more than a little inspired by the original Mini – the Daihatsu Trevis.

It’s what’s generally known as a city car, doing 49 miles per gallon, but still having plenty of room to load in the shopping (and indeed people – this is a four door car).

They’ve probably missed a trick inside, a couple of retro-styled speed dials and a leather steering wheel, but apart from that, it just likes your typical budget runaround. Shame that. 

But we can hardly complain, because this should be a cheap motor. The European price quoted is from £6750 (probably slightly higher in the UK), so one to consider if your budget doesn’t stretch to BMW’s latest.

Daihatsu website

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