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Ivy Illustrated – the Ivy League look


Recently picked up on a spending spree on Amazon Japan were these superb Ivy Illustrated books. All the text is in Japanese, so much so that I don’t even know the name of the author/illustrator – though the ageing gentleman does look very cool on the inside sleeve in Harrington, button-down shirt and jeans.

Don’t worry about the language, the books are all about the images. All hand-drawn, they cover every conceivable detail (as Japanese books tend to do), from outfits, accessories and luggage through to food, plants and even famous wearers of the Ivy League style – all using the same drawing style as the front cover.

Really nice things to own – they retail for around 1680 Yen each – that’s around £7.30.

Find out more at Amazon Japan

  • Stephen Duncan

    Cheers to Stephen for posting these books on the forums… ;)(wink)!

  • Indeed – big thanks to yourself for pointing them out!

  • Stephen Duncan

    No problem Dave, glad you liked them…