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Paul Frank Lego block belt

We’ve had the Lego cufflinks. so how about matching them up with this Paul Frank Lego buckle belt.

It’s a casual cloth belt, with colourful Lego brick design throughout and a metallic Lego logo buckle. Just one size – 45 inches x 1.25 inches – but you can adjust it right down if you’re a little slimmer than that.

Available online now, you can pick one up for $20 (around £11).

Find out more at the Fred Flare website

3 thoughts on “Paul Frank Lego block belt

  1. Im looking for a lego belt that I saw in a shop in Manchester. It was just a plain belt, Im unsure of the colour and it had a lego brick belt buckle. I wondered if you could help me find it? The shop isnt getting any more in and I cant find it online anywhere… Help if you can please? thanks…

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