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Whirlpool Max – microwave like a 70s TV

Microwaves – those white or grey boxes in the corner of you kitchen, known to occasionally go "ping". Not exactly stylish – unless we're talking about the Whirlpool Max microwave oven.

It was unveiled in the US, but is now available in the UK. At first glance, this looks every bit like a colourful 70s space age TV. But instead, it's every bit the modern appliance, with "crisp plate" system to avoid burning and super-fast defrosting – seven times as fast as a traditional machine. And it'll warm up your ready meals too, as well as doing a bit of steaming.

Available in a variety of colours (including some cool limited editions), you can pick one up from just £87.

Find out more at the Amazon website

  • Gail

    Yes I would like to know more about your max microwave oven. and could it be sent to SC. int the US ?

  • Silbee

    Whirlpool Max: I’ve just had one of these delivered for free from John Lewis. Toal price £84. It looks absolutely fabulous in the kitchen, a real design statement. I’ve been waiting years for manufacturers to get their acts together in terms of style, here it is!
    It fits snuggly in the corner of the kitchen, and went back a full three and a half inches compared to it’s predecessor, which wasn’t the largest oven on the market.
    A wonderful product, indeed…

  • angela

    Does this microwave work in the US ? Just went on the John Lewis site and can’t find it. Anywhere else you can buy it in the US?

  • Susie

    And when will they be available in Australia? The perfect appliance for my new “retro” kitchen!

  • Rascaldaisy

    Why post a question? It doesn’t get answered.