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Lomme Bed – sleep in the space age


I could be wrong, but I don’t think we have previously featured a retro bed. Well, that’s about to change with the Lomme Bed, essential for any space age pad.

It’s a very modern design, but it’s shape really does hark back to the plastic designs of the later 60s and early 70s. Let’s be honest, this could fit effortlessly into Woody Allen’s Sleeper movie. But its inner workings are very 2007 – with light and sound therapy to ease you through the night.

The beds are developed and made in Lichtenstein and are now apparently available to test and indeed order. That would be fine if we knew the price, but so far that’s not been forthcoming. However, if you have a pile of cash going spare and need a good night’s sleep, you know where to go.

Find out more at the Lomme website

  • hannah

    Oh my GOD!!!!! I’d sell a kidney for that.

  • I want this bed!!!!

  • louise

    That is the coolest bed ive ever seen!!!

  • It Girl

    I have seen this bed before, its everywhere, brilliant and super beyond super cool, Like the guy at the top says, sell a kidney but get that bed. IG

  • hayley greenwood

    dont spose u have a free sample of this bed 4 me !!

  • Harrison Gidman

    this is the funkiest bed ever i need one in my life so so bad do they come in red and black, with a mirror on the roof wow

  • poppi

    its like 42,000 Euro. eeeeeeek!