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Toasty – retro toaster like a cassette deck

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Toasters are pretty standard in design – a set number of slots in the top, a catch to push down and a pop-up when it’s ready. But all that could change with Toasty.

Toasty is a new way of toasting your bread products, mixing 80s technology with 50s styling. Open it up like a cassette deck, pop in your bread and close. When it’s ready, the door pops open and your ready to butter. If only it printed a cassette pattern on the bread, this would be pretty much perfect.

It might yet happen, because this is a concept courtesy of designer Arthur Wu, not quite ready to go into production. When it does, we’ll be at the front of the queue.

Find out more at the Arthur Wu website

2 thoughts on “Toasty – retro toaster like a cassette deck

  1. I will be pushing you out of line at the front of the queue – I want this so bad!!!
    Will need a matching waffle maker eventually too.
    Great link – thx.

  2. hey industrial designer arthur wu:
    form should follow function – who wants to wait for one piece of toast at a time? what if someone wants to make a toasted sandwich?
    how about a ‘double cassette’ design? i’ll only take 5% of net for the idea…
    remember the Nakamichi ‘dual head’ cassette deck? or are you a pure digital tech head and were weaned on CDs only?
    great idea. needs work…
    nice mock-up. is the toast real?

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