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Honda to reissue classic 1960s CB750 motorcycle

Hondacb750 Apparently Honda is going retro, reissuing its classic 1969 CB750 motorbike in virtually identical form to the original.

According to a report in Motorcycle News (not my regular read, I was tipped off), the company has enviously eyed the success of other retro bikes like the Triumph Bonneville and fancies a piece of the action. The only change is the engine – the old one wouldn’t pass emissions laws, so a new air-cooled engine is in development.

The first prototype should be shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. And if you can’t wait that long, check out the picture to the right, because if it is identical, that’s what it will look like.

Honda Motorcycles website

2 thoughts on “Honda to reissue classic 1960s CB750 motorcycle

  1. What better way to capitalize on the retro craze than by rolling out this iconic classic! I’d be in line in a heartbeat – so here’s one vote for a retro CB750!

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