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Sculptura Phone

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Donut1_01The Sculptura telephone was a quintessential 1970s phone. Produced by Western Electric in a choice of three colour (yellow, brown or white), it was available as either Touchtone or rotary dial. It is also often referred to as the donut phone on account of its distinctive shape.

These phones seem to come up on Ebay in the USA fairly regularly but if you don’t want to take a chance on bidding for one, then there are several other online stockists including the Ericofon website who currently have brown and yellow with both dial styles in stock. Prices currently range from $50 for brown rotary up to $85 for yellow touchtone. If you’d preferred a yellow Sculptura, Modcats currently has one for $90.

These are USA phones but they will work in other countries with the right adapter.

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