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eBay Watch: Mangiadischi Penny portable record player


Forget the iPod, the coolest portable audio player around is the Mangiadischi Penny portable record player.

Dating back to around 1970, this Italian-made player spins your 45s and plays them via the built-in speaker, with power from mains or battery. Clever stuff too – just slip in your single and it plays automatically, no matter what the size of hole in your record. And when you are finished, just press the eject (which is located next to the volume control).

Available in a range of bright colours, this one is currently selling for £26.70 – with many others also available around this price.

Find out more at the eBay website

  • jenny fowler

    i am looking for a waltham automatic record player that i was bought in the 70s model SR-D66, no luck on internet so far?

  • graybear

    Hi jenny. I have one of those. It is in good working order apart from the fact that it doesn’t automatically retract when it comes to the end of the record – i.e. you have to pull arm back manually. if you’re interested e-mail me and I’ll send you a photo. Thanks gray

  • Sanders David

    do you still have one of those Mangiadischi pennys for sale?

  • Annthony Dowsett

    Are any moreMangiadischi Penny portable record players available and if so where may I obtain one.