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Junkshop Gem: Blue Peter Book Of Teddy’s Clothes


Crafting is big business these days – a quick browse of Etsy is enough to tell you that. Which probably gives the Blue Peter Book Of Teddy’s Clothes a monetary value alongside its novelty one.

For anyone outside the UK, Blue Peter is Britain’s longest-running kids TV show and a show that’s always been big on making things out of items you might have hanging round the house. This book, dating from 1969 (as Valerie Singleton’s hairdo probably indicates), is a set of step-by-step designs for making clothes for your bear – something that Val was known for it seems. And it really is a gem, with designs for a pirate, a cowboy, a Mexican and a pilot, all with instructions anyone can follow. Although whether you have the patience for all that sewing and knitting is open to question.

Our junkshop find was just £1 – I imagine a search on Abebooks or eBay will bring up a copy for not much more.

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