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Dittos Classic Flare Jeans

Ditto Such is the cyclical nature of fashion that flared jeans are now making a huge comeback (they never really went away in my house, but that’s another matter). Most high street shops are doing reasonable versions, but if you want something more authentically 1970s, what you need is a pair of Dittos Classic Flare Jeans.

Dittos were the original premium jean brand in the 1970s, hugely desirable back then and re-launched last year. As well as a fabulous cut, Ditto jeans are available in an amazing palette of colours. ASOS have Dittos in Cherry Red (pictured here) and the wonderfully named Envy Green, priced at £175 a pair.

However, It may be better to buy them from the USA though, for example ShopBop is selling them for $159 (approximately £80) and whilst they don’t have the red option, they do stock various shade of blue that may be more forgiving on those with less than model proportions.