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eBay Watch: 1990 Trabant car


We mentioned a few weeks back that East Germany’s most famous son – the Trabant – is due to be remade and relaunched. Which makes it a good time to get in first by picking up an original Trabant.

This one is one of the last to made back in 1990 and features a VW Polo engine, a new starter motor and 83,000 on the clock. But best of all, it doesn’t seem to have been altered externally – which could mean a shrewd investment as a future cult classic.

Note is it left-hand drive before you get your money out – but you could pick it up for a song with the £500 starting bid not yet in place.

See the full details at the eBay website

  • Aled

    Something strange about the car for sale. Note the two different car number plates in the two photos!!

  • FireSoul

    It could be that the AIT registration plate is the original one. The typeface is not standard UK for a start.