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Saint Tropez Beaded Flapper Dress

Saint tropez

Twenties and thirties inspiration has been taking off on the high street for some months, and the flapper style keeps coming. This Saint Tropez dress is a great choice of retro eveningwear, with occasion and sleek style.

The beading and scalloped hem make this a great choice of occasionwear, while the art deco inspired shapes and lines hold true to its pre-WWII inspiration. Avoiding the often costume-like nature of twenties homage dresses, this is a glamourous choice that's free from aging.

It's £83.19 now from Oli online.

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One thought on “Saint Tropez Beaded Flapper Dress

  1. That’s really lovely.
    I always find that flapper dresses are a bit shapeless because of the dropped waist, but this one seems more tailored than most.
    *Rummaging in purse* still can’t afford it though!

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