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Sparkfun Bluetooth vintage-style rotary phone


We've see a few old-fashioned handsets for mobile phones in the past (most notably the ones from Hulger), but I don't think we've ever featured anything like the Sparkfun Bluetooth vintage-style rotary phone.

Yes, this is a dial phone, just like the one your parents probably had – only this one is modified to work with your mobile phone. How? Well, you pair it with your mobile via Bluetooth, allowing the phone to remember your mobile number. That means you can take calls with the dial phone and make them too by using the dial. And all on your mobile network.

It's also got a rechargeable batterry – so no wires. And the ring, like the rest of the phone, is authentically vintage. US-only as far as we can see, priced at $249.95, which is the best part of £150.

Find out more at the Sparkfun website

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