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Cult kids TV show Magpie heads to DVD


A classic kids TV show is soon to make its first appearance on DVD – Magpie.

The cult ITV kids show is widely thought of as one of the more hip shows of the 1970s – so hip, it even had a theme tune by the Spencer Davis Group (under the alias of The Murgatroyd Band). It ran from from 1968 to 1980, mixing music, fashion and kid-friendly fun throwing in some hippy presenters and a weird overweight bird-like mascot.

Magpie Volume 1 pulls out 12 of the best episodes from the 100 or so that survive, adding in some extras, including a 1971 special, some film inserts from 'lost' episodes and a PDF of the first Magpie annual. Is it worth buying? We don't know as Network no longer sends us TV discs to review, but if you want to take a chance for the sake of nostalgia, Magpie Volume 1 is available from 29th June 2009, priced around the £13 mark.

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