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1930s Bauhaus-designed desk lamp at Skinflint Design


We love reclaimed design, not only is it an eco-friendly way of kitting out your home, it's also a great of getting distinctive and classic design in your home without paying a fortune, not to mention a good way of picking up some real history. When it comes to lighting, Skinflint Design is a good place to look – and right now, we like this Bauhaus-designed desk lamp.

Specifically, this modernist desk lamp dates back to 1933 and was designed by Christian Dell, who was head of the Bauhaus metalwork department for the Kaiser Company, Neheim-Hüsten, Germany. Aside from being a great talking point, it's also a fully-functioning light, rewired with traditional cable and tested before launch.

If you want one, it will set you back £180.

Find out more at the Skinflint Design website

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