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Revo launches 60s-style Heritage radio and iPod dock


Want the 60s looks but also the modern-day functionality? You want the Revo Heritage radio and iPod dock.

Pitched as a 'contemporary reinterpretation of classic European table radio designs from the 50s and 60s' (think Braun, Bang & Olufsen etc), it's a mix of metal and walnut veneer that's designed to look like a high-end radio of days gone by, but with DAB, DAB+, FM and Wi-Fi internet radio inside, this is very much cutting edge technology. Oh yes, room for your iPod and iPhone too.

You'll also get a custom designed 3-inch neodymium speaker driver and high fidelity 7W amplifier, a graphical OLED display, 'joystick' control system and a 30-day trial subscription. Look out for it in early November at John Lewis, priced at £229.95.

John Lewis website

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