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eBay watch: 1970s Bedford CF ice cream van


Bored of your office job? Crave a job that takes you along the highways and byways of our towns and cities? You need to bid for this 1970s Bedford CF ice cream van, then pick up a white coat. Job done.

Being sold because the owner is buying a new one (so obviously a bit of money in it), this is a 1976 van with a double glazed window for seeing straight into the lolly freezer, storage for 7x 5-litre tubs on the go (with room for another 20 tubs inside too) and an option to buy a whippy machine.

As a van, it's been upgraded with a new coil, exhaust, lights, battery and chrome wheel caps and is ready to to as soon as you've got the ices on ice. Downside? It's on the Isle of Wight, so you'll have to drive it back from there. Price is now £2,500, with a few days still to go.

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  • Hugo Heule

    Is this van still for sale? If yes, what is the price?
    Thank you,
    Hugo Heule

  • kate ward

    is the bedford van still for sale? thanks