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eBay watch: Vintage JVC 3020GM Videosphere Cube TV


Now I'm just repeating the title given to this by the seller, but I'm pretty sure that something called a JVC 3020GM Videosphere Cube TV should be round?

Not to be confused with the JVC Videosphere space helmet TV we all know and love, this is an altogether more rare set, but every bit as stylish. Of course, the technology is way behind – this is only a black and white solid state set, in need of some work to get it running in the digital age. But the cube design and contrast colours really do make it stand out.

Probably dating to the early 70s and described as being in 'very good condition' by the seller, you can check out more great images of it online. And if you want it? Well, it's just £1 right now.

Find out more at the eBay website