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iTam Tam Go – classic 1960s space age seat becomes wireless iPhone sound system


Regular readers will know we have featured both the original Tam Tam and the more recent iTam Tam audio variation. Well, now there's another option, the iTam Tam Go from Branex Design.

It's the logical progression to both. Still the 1968 space age seat from Henry Massonet and still a sound system capable of hooking up to your iPod or iPhone. But the new 'Go' version also adds in a Lithium-ion battery, offering up to eight listening hours of 'omni directional sound' cable-free.

It can knock out a fair bit of sound too, packing in 2x 25w stereo sound, a 70w class D amplifier, 4 tweeters and a subwoofer. There's also a remote control and the option to charge your iPod and iPhone as you play. All of that contained a classic space age design.

You don't have to go for the red, four colour options are available, all priced the same – £346.

Find out more at the Made in Design website