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Panasonic Ellipse space age circular TV

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It's a listing that leaves more questions than it offers answers, but we love the look of this Panasonic Ellipse space age circular TV.

Presumably from the 1960s, it has a stunning rounded shape, a chromed base and a large antenna. It's the TV The Jetsons would have owned. You know there's a 'but' coming. The listing is brief, the seller claims he has 'perfect sound', but couldn't check if the picture functions due to a lack of adapter and even though he's down as being based in Manchester, the shipping is from Hamburg.

But the big problem here is the starting price – £320 for a TV that may or may not be working. If the selling dropped that, it would certainly be worth investigating. If you want to take a chance, you can bid now.

Find out more at the eBay website

2 thoughts on “Panasonic Ellipse space age circular TV

  1. Probably American , few were made for UK market. USA has different tv transmission, so with USA sets you will get sound BUT no vision. The attached aerials are quite adequate to get vision – no adapters etc are required. Condition IS ALL ImPORTANT. £320 would get you a super mint condition one. Depending on condition you can pick up from for £50 to £150. Shipping is approx £75 by USPS.

  2. Forgot to mention. The screen is only 6 inches measured on the diagonal. If you intend bidding or buying check with seller the mains voltage – USA voltage is 110 volts. Most important check the condition with buyer, the cases scratch very easily. The dome shaped anti glare screen over the viewing screen is acrylic. These scratch very easily, and slight knocks to them produces spiders web crazing. Apart from this, these acrylic screens are prone to aging, they deteriorate, producing crazed patterns over parts of the dome. Apart from this, JVC and Panasonic produced wonderfully wacky televisions and radios.

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