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Flip radio alarm clock from Habitat

Flip clock
Wake up in Space Age style with this Flip radio alarm clock from Habitat.

Pill-shaped, made from plastic and in white and bright green, this clock wears its retro influences boldly. As well as the flip clock face, there's dials on the left for the tuning and volume of its radio.

Measuring 26cm long, it's currently selling for half of its original price at £17.50. 

Buy it from Habitat

  • aandrew

    can you provide a link? i typed “clock” into the search bar on habitats site and 13 clocks were found…however this wasnt one of them.

  • Frances

    aandrew, it seems to have vanished from the website! It was there when I wrote this up yesterday – I guess they must have sold out. Sorry to have to disappoint you.