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eBay watch: 1950s mini sideboard and coffee table


Rather than just the one item, we're featuring two, as the 1950s mini sideboard and coffee table featured here are both cut from a similar cloth and both from the same seller.

Starting with the mini sideboards, it is described as a 1950s Danish design with rosewood veneer, two overhanging side, two compartments (one with a bottom hinged door), four angled legs and brass adjustable 'pods'. Condition is described as 'very good' and the bid price right now is £9.

See over the page for a picture of the coffee table, which is a stylish midcentury piece with tripod-style legs, brass feet and a 'faux wood' top. Condition is down as 'excellent' and the price is also £9 right now.

1950s mini sideboard on the eBay website

1950s coffee table on the eBay website


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