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eBay watch: 1960s Dansette Viva record player in mint condition

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Yes, there are plenty of cheaper Dansette record players on eBay, but none in quite the condition of this 1960s Dansette Viva record player.

It's described as being in 'perfect working order' and 'stunning condition'. Indeed, you might well think it was a new model. That's because the turntable, motor and inner workings have been serviced, any worn parts have been replaced, it has a new plug, new stylus and the casing has even been re-upholstered. It's almost perfect, but still has that valve amp for a rich, vintage sound.

Check out the other photos on the listing to see how impressive this is. £89.99 is the current (and opening) price. If you got it for anywhere near that, it would be an absolute bargain.

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2 thoughts on “eBay watch: 1960s Dansette Viva record player in mint condition

  1. i had a dansettecin 1965 which my mum and dad bought me for my 13th birthday,it wa the colour red with a grey flech k coloured lid,i have a dansette it is an older model which my husbsnd bought on e bay,but the one shown here seens likevthebone i had,sadly it got lost in the 70s when my family movedvhouse,i would like too know if the viva has a vrey/flrck lid which is tje same one i had i font know thevname of the model i had in 1965 but the viva looks much likebit .thankyou katevyates.

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