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Oriental Sleeved Dress from Miss Selfridge


As festival season in the UK draws to a close, the last of the fashion inspired by the original music festivals is still providing great style for retrophiles. This Oriental Sleeved Dress from Miss Selfridge brings a cool early seventies chic, with a classy take on the folk style of the era.

The loose fit of the dress creates a relaxed silhouette, with a button front and shirt collar providing classic detailing. The Eastern influence adds an instant shot of seventies inspiration, while a bold red with muted florals gives an expensive feel.

It's now available from Miss Selfridge for £39.

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One thought on “Oriental Sleeved Dress from Miss Selfridge

  1. I bought this dress yesterday to wear to my grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary lunch. It’s beautiful, but I have NO IDEA what kind of shoes I should wear with it. The colour palette and the uneven hemline adds to my confusion.
    Any ideas?

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