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Faith, Love and Hope Tattoo Tapestry Kits by Emily Peacock

Fans of tattooing and tapestry can see their interests intersect with these Faith, Love and Hope Tapestry Kits from Emily Peacock. 

Needles are central to both art forms, so if you're handy with a needle and thread but lack the inclination (or nerve) to go through with tattoing yourself,  you can still express your creative urges in needlepoint. There are three designs available; Faith, Love and Hope, featuring traditional tattoo motifs of swallows, stars, and anchors.The kits are available in either small, measuring 32.5cm x 39cm and costing £54.95 or large, measuring 55.5cm x 46cm and costing £75.

All three designs are available from designer Emily Peacock's website here.

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