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Hire a classic DeLorean DMC-12 in the UK

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Fancy driving around the UK in a DeLorean DMC-12? You can do just that now – with Great Escape offering one for hire.

Of course, this 1980s icon was made famous by the Back To The Future movies, but its futuristic shape would still turn heads today whether it has movie fame or not. It truly is a one off.

The model on offer here, thought to be the only DeLorean for hire in the UK, is a 1982 left-hand drive model with a 'standard' specification and manual gearbox. Don't take it to the supermarket though – you might have a problem opening those gullwing doors in a busy car park.

You can hire it by day, weekend or week, with a daily hire offering 24 hours of use and a mileage of up to 150 miles per day, as well as comprehensive insurance and full UK breakdown cover. £245 is that daily price, which isn't cheap, but if you want to treat yourself or simply show off…you know where to go.

Find out more at the Great Escape website


2 thoughts on “Hire a classic DeLorean DMC-12 in the UK

  1. with only 130 bph and that weight (stainless is heavy) its definatley no flying machine, a new tdi fiesta would be quicker but obovously wont turn heads…

  2. No worries with small car parks. The DeLorean’s doors only need about 11″ of clearance to open. They are hinged near the middle of the roof, so do not swing far away from the body when opening/closing. I park mine very close to the wall in my garage. It’s hard for me to squeeze between the wall and the car to get in, but no problem to open the door even that close to the wall.

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