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eBay watch: Swisslamp midcentury floor lamp by Robert Haussmann


At first glance, you would have this nailed on as a 1970s design, but according to the seller, this Swisslamp midcentury floor lamp by Robert Haussmann dates back to the 1950s.

It must have turned a good few heads back in 1956 (the date listed for original construction) and would still do the same today. It's a stunning piece of design.

The lamp is made of anodised brass-coloured alumnium, steel and 'synthetic material', along with at least 11 bulbs (we've tried counting, but we're not exactly sure). The whole structure stands around 165cm tall.

A few bids on it, but £51 still looks good value to us.

Find out more at the eBay website

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