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Classic Novel Covers for the Amazon Kindle


The plus side of an Amazon Kindle is that you can carry around a seemingly endless number of novels around with you all the time, some costing pennies (or even free). The downside? Not as cool as carrying around a classic paperback. Which is where these Classic Novel Covers for the Amazon Kindle come in.

Rather than just having a grey bit of plastic or a faux leather cover, you can instead opt for a cover that looks like a classic bit of fiction. There are six retro-styled sleeves to chose from, all of which are pictured below, looking not unlike a certain 1960s publisher's artwork. You know who we mean.

Not only do they look good, they also have a 'spongy' construction to protect your Kindle from bumps and accidents. Always good to know. £14.95 is the price, if you want one.

Find out more at the Firebox website


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