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Retro Print storage jars at Matalan


I suspect you might be thinking of a particular designer when you see the above. But these aren't by 'her', these are the Retro Print storage jars at Matalan.

Two designs to choose from, both pictured above and both white ceramic jars with wooden olds and that bold and retro floral print. Great for brightening up a kitchen and adding a retro twist on the cheap.

Yes, this is Matalan, so obviously they are cheap. Just £5 each.

Find out more at the Matalan website

Note that there is also a matching oven glove too, which is also priced at £5.

Thanks to Claire Pollock for the tip off.

One thought on “Retro Print storage jars at Matalan

  1. To be fair, every time I see Orla Kiely, I always think ‘1960s/70s biscuit barrel’ so it’s a bit of a chicken/egg/chicken/egg/chicken thing isn’t it….?

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