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eBay watch: Merrow Associates rosewood and chrome cabinet


If you see the words Merrow Associates on eBay, it's usually followed by a huge 'Buy It Now' price. The British designer is still big news and seriously sought after. So this Merrow Associates rosewood and chrome cabinet could be a shrewd investment.

That's going to be down to the reserve price on it, which is always an unknown quantity. But right now, it could be a bargain. The design itself is a less common piece, but a useful design, with two large storage areas and two shelves, along with a rosewood and chrome construction. The rosewood pieces are always the better ones to have.

This one has 15mm cable access drilled in and on 'close inspection', a 'small knock/blemish'. Not bad for something dating from the late 1960s.

That price right now is 99 pence.

Find out more at the eBay website


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